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What is a good low price MP3/Digital portable player?

The Chameleon

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If you want to buy a cheap little mp3 player you could hit up a pawn shop and see what they have.

My suggestion is to get one of the really little ones that are basically USB keys that can play mp3's (like these guys). That way, once you buy the true player later you can still use the little guy as a plain USB key which can be quite handy sometimes (like bringing dvd cover art to work to print, etc, etc)

What are you looking to spend on it?

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I doubt you'll be able to get this deal, but if they were this cheap over here (Korea) then maybe it'll be relatively cheap in Canada.

I got an iRiver H340 mp3 player.. Its 40 gigs, color, plays AVIs.. Its a bit older now, and its a bit on the bulky side compared to nanos and all the new lightweight stuff. But it cost me just UNDER $300 US!! Friggin barGOON!

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i got a 4 gig nano for my birthday aswell, and at first, i was alitted let down because i was planning on buying a 40 gig video myself.

thinkin "what am i going to do with just 4 gigs"

but after a few months of use, i couldn't be happier.

the size IS perfect......now that i'm so used to using a tiny nano...i look at the regular ipods and i don't think i'd be happy with the size...

sure the storage is cool...but there is nothing wrong with cycling your library.

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