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Blind Melon


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The clothesline of cold eyes

Is washing away the face before

Now tell me what's wrong you see everyone's gone

You gotta do your best to decorate this dying' day

This dying' day

All over a bowl of bitter beans

And outside way, way up high I got a quarter moon misthanging' over me

And now, I want that rocking chair outta there

Cause he's no longer living here

It's no longer needed here

All over a bowl of bitter beans

And I got a corner store and that's all the more

For me to praise upon the holidays

And now I'll close my eyes really, really tight

And make you all go away,

I'll make you all go all go away

And I'll pull the trigger and make it all go away

And I'll make it all go away, I'll make it all go away

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