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I just updated my IPOD and for some reason it deleted every song on my IPOD that was not also on my computer in iTunes.

Anybody know how I can make sure this doesn't happen again?

How does vPod work? Is it just a plain old drag and drop simple program?

this IPOD really is frustrating... it really is..

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iTunes and your iPod will seem wonky. USB ports are the biggest pain in the arse, especially older 1.1 USB. You really need to make sure that you 'eject' your ipod (or any other USB connected storage device) before you unplug it. It can be done by right-clicking on your iPod icon in iTunes or even the little hardware icon can be used in your windows tray.

On our laptop, I sometimes have to reboot windows so that the iPod can be discovered when it's connected. I think this all boils down to the type of USB port and the version of windows. Otherwise, you'll find that your iPod and computer will marry together just fine.

As for it erasing things, I'm not sure what would do that unless it thought it was being connected to a different computer...in which case I think you'd be prompted to allow iTunes to take over your iPod and delete shit on you. If not, you should probably take a bat to your computer and teach it a lesson ;)

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any advice for my problem?

i just can't get any new stuff onto my ipod. Which is really frustrating since its 30gb, and i've only got about 5 gigs on there....

With the setting set like above you have to drag and drop the songs onto the ipod, not just check them. Just highlight a bunch and then drag them on and it should be fine.

If the ipod isn't showing up in itunes at all, try making sure you don't plug it into the comptuer until after itunes is loaded. Mine won't show up if I plug it in first because the computer has already loaded it as a USB key (or I assume that's why).

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