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Mooseees curried chick peas!

Im going home Donny

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Moosey made us this dish Friday night & its so good I hijacked the recipe and am sharin' it here.

Vegan Friendly too!

Soak dried Chickers about half a day.

Boil em up for abouts an hour.

Chopp up a few carrotts

1 or 2 large leaves of Kale

Onion if ya have it

4 or so cloves of garlic chopperood

Few tiny hot thai chili peppers

so...boil and drain yer chics

add veggis & olive oil

let simmer

add either fresh chopped or about half a big can of tomatoes, mashed.

Add cumin, tumeric and she added a bit of curry paste and mustard seeds.

For the rice she added some shredded cocunut and she added soya milk to either the rice or to the chickers(not sure which)...(I think the chicks...thats what I've decided to do)

Then she had a bag of Pampadom(sp?)bread which you can buy at east Indian stores....just fry it up.


This was deliscious!!!

Working on it today for myself.

Very good on the bun!


...I just made this with canned chickers...way faster...still way yummy. :P

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