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it's about time Chatham!


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we got a BLUESFEST! woooo!

it's early i know.. i'm just excited somebody other than the jeff healey band is coming to town and that certain good local bands are playing locally!

august 26th

tecumseh park

River Jam Bluesfest

Mel Brown and the Homewreckers

Superfly (you may remember them from the fundraiser)

Tom Lockwood Blues Band

Please chathamites or interested non-chathamites SUPPORT THIS! Tix are at tony's one stop music shop, william st cafe, & frank's music.

Should be halfways decent. Beats listening to 'Lady in Red' being belted out from the bandstand.. that's for sure. :)

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$20.. i guess there is a BBQ too.

i doubt the lineup will change.. it's only a one night deal in the park starting at 7 i think... but i'm ok with it. i'm glad we're showcasing local talent, cuz there's a lot of it around that gets lost in the wave of people who like the jerseys/GTs scene.

i'm pretty sure there's some kind of bylaw in place now that all goings-on in the park have to be shut down by 11 or 12 or something like that. too bad the parkview wasn't still around for overflow. if metrolounge and elephants nest went with the blues theme that would be great and would definitely make it more "festy".

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last time i saw jeff healy at the festival of nations he was SHITFACED. his roadie kept bringing out drinks and would run out and keep healy from walking toward the edge of the stage when he would get up and do his crazy dance. the funniest thing was some skiddy girl in the front row (on her boyfriends shoulders) flashed her junk at him.

Max Webster played the next night too, that rocked.

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