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just completed a 10 detox/Master Cleanse!!


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wow, can't believe I made it.

no food for 10 days; just water and a Lemonade mix (fresh lemon, maple syrup+cayenne) with a few bentonite+psylium husk shakes, Sena tea at night, and a salt water enema in the morning.

i feel totally rejuvenated and less toxic; plus lost 8 pounds of crap ta boot!

anyone else attempt this?

for more general info on the Master Cleanse:


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hey tenenbaum!

good on ya :)

feels good to have the cleanest colon in town, eh ;):o

i've done the master cleanse before - only once for 10 days, but pretty much every spring for the past 7 years or so for at least 5 days...

...except for last year i did a citrus juice cleanse instead of the master - it was more gentle...

i'm not so sure about how they compare for toxin removal etc.

i found the one time i did go 10 days i actually didn't want to stop at that point!

i've never done any additional teas - just the mix and the salt water.

been thinking about what i'm gonna get up to this spring... still a little bit cold out for me to want to get into it just yet, maybe in a couple weeks.

any other fasters got a different regiment to recommend?

tenenbaum, you tried some others before?

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hmmm...my friends who have done this one said they made up the whole day's batch of drink at once so they weren't squeezing lemons all the time. maybe for next time :)

i have been meaning to try this for about a year but not yet done it. i haven't been too healthy this year so not sure if i could attempt it soon.

congrats, it must feel so good!

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i heard that you feel crappy for the first few days but then after that you feel fantastic with tons of energy, cause all the crap that is clogging you up and slowing down your metabolism is getting flushed out.

you'd probably want to be off work for the first 3-4 days i'm guessing?

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basically you should begin attempting it over a long weekend; the first few days are tough due to the cravings, but they'll eventually digress. Just keep focused and determined that what you're doing is for the sake of your health.

as for the lemon juice, it's not recommended to make a whole days worth; it's best to squeeze it one drink at a time to keep the enzymes as fresh as possible.

now, as for your energy levels, you'd be amazed how energetic and the amount of clarity you gain during the cleanse. I know it seems bizarre, but it's true. Just don't exhaust yourself by running 2k.

also, i'd recommend not wearing anti-persperant. sure your toxic sweat will stink, but you got to sweat that shit out when you can. try doing chores around the house; you'd be surprised!

as for combining the cleanse with a cold, doesn't the saying go, "feed a fever, starve a cold"?

another tip: dry brushing before a hot shower to wipe away the toxins; your pores will open up more during the shower.

the hardest part of this cleanse for me was drinking a quart of saltwater 1st thing every morning! it's best though to prepare it the night before: heat some water to tea-drinking level, drop in the 2 teaspoons of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon will mask the flavor.

feel free to ask any other questions.

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also, i'd recommend not wearing anti-persperant.

i havent worn it in ten years or more, it contains aluminum and other metals that clog your pores, and lead to alzheimers and other reallly bad shit. deoderant is fine AFAIK

good on ya for the cleanse though

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it's been 4 days now since the 10day cleanse, and I feel great! no hang ups since.

it's also greatly rewarding, both psychologically and physically, to know the amount of toxins/crap that have left my system.

another advantage to this cleanse is that it kind of gives you a fresh slate to begin committing to a new diet (ie, less dairy/wheat) or quit certain addictions (for me, it's coca cola).

deranger, have we met before?

here are some other websites:



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well, any roommate of Tony Rages, I would highly recommend you to detox ASAP~!

what up Josh! I should be back in tdot by August so we'll have to check out some heady shows

ya, i guess Marshal is too busy these days with his job and r&r travels.

dude, trust me, give this Master Cleanse a shot. Better yet, you and Tohns-of-Love Rage should attempt it together!

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in regards to detox+work, start the detox the night before long weekend (May 2-4 perhaps); the first few days will be the roughest (cravings!). Then when Monday/Tuesday rolls around, it's all routine and flow. Also, having to go to work could be useful to distract you and get the cravings off your mind (unless you work at Loblaws).

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Hey has anyone tried colon cleansing as part of the detox process.

What I am talking about is one of those clinics, that cleans out your colon by, flushing it with filtred, temp controled water. It can, remove old stored toxins and help evrrything in your digestion run smooth again. Seems logical if one was going to embark on a serious detox.

I haven't gone there myself as of yet? anyone, good bad, waste of cash and pain int he ass (punn intended.).. :o

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