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Summer tour: mike/duo, trey/mike, 70vp


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Trey is not banking on folks going for a reunion....people when will you realize that Trey is happy playing new music with new people!!! I personally hope that people don't come...more dancing room for those who love the music

Trey can put on pom poms and join a glee club, he's so happy making music with other people. Great for him. Not so great for some of us. Love is freedom, bitches.

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oh he's happy, but he remembers the half full ampitheatres from last summers tour....

so, now he books with more members from phish, so folks will now go into each show 'hoping' maybe this will be 'the show'...

how much do u want to bet there will be guests each night?

I'd say it's almost a sure thing that there will be guests each night, but I really don't think that Trey is intentionally firing up reunion speculation just to sell tickets.

Trey is not hurting for cash, and I think he has shown with his last couple of tours that he just wants to go out there and make the music that he wants, free from the shackles of "Phishdom". If he wanted to fan reunion rumours for the sake of ticket sales, I think it would be pretty obvious.

Reliving the glory days on stage hasn't been what he's been trying to do since the break-up, and I really don't think he's ever alluded to that (in words, setlists or opening acts/special guests), with the possible exception of Utica '05.

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