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Just another rumor...


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a friend sent me this.....

"so i'm scrolling through craigslist looking for greyboy extras and i come upon someone selling tickets for this... huh?!?

i can find no verification on any other website and i'm hoping its a belated april fools joke.

i know i've removed myself from all rumour emails, so can someone please tell me what's going on? anyone? bueller?"


"Rock Band Phish Returns to The Big Apple

March 30, 2006, 3:00 PM ET

Katie Hasty, N.Y.

On Saturday August 12th, nearly two years to the day since the band Phish played its "final" concert in their homestate of Vermont, they will return to the stage at New York's Great Lawn located in the heart of Central Park. Unlike the return from their first extended hiatus at Madison Square Garden back in 2002, where tickets were set at record high prices on the black market due to overwhelming demand, this will be a free show with tickets being distributed exclusively through the band's online ticketing service. "We wanted to pick a venue where everyone who wanted to attend could easily do so without having the pressure of waking up on Saturday morning after a long Friday night and refreshing the ticketmaster page ten times a second before being told the event has sold out. We know this is a very special show in the hearts of the band's most die hard fans to attend so we figured What the hell. Let's do it", says road manager Brad Sands.

Logistics for the event are in the final stages of planning but numerous sources have informed us that this concert will be a go. Phish will be the first band since the Dave Matthews Band to play the Great Lawn. Dave Matthews Band played their concert in conjunction with AOL to promote musical awareness in New York City schools in September of 2003. The event raised over two million dollars. "

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