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paper cut in my eye


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Can you see out of it still? If it's just the white part I don't think I would worry about it.

Once when I was camping there was this twig sticking out of my eye. I couldn't see it but someone told me about the twig and I plucked it out. It was right in the white. My eye just hurt for a week or so from being brused/ poked and got better.

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I plucked it out.

I'll second DaveyB with a HOLY CRAP!

Reminds me of a friend in Kingston who once fell out his bedroom window and had his fall broken by one of those classroom-style chairs that had lost its pressboard back; the frame of the chair went into his neck, but he just kinda pulled it out (it had missed his jugular, apparently, by about half an inch) and, all things considered, decided to get it checked out.

That said, Carrie, maybe you should get it checked out! (If nothing else, it'll get you outside on a nice weekday afternoon :) ).

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went to get it checked out and it is confirmed I have a cut in my eye...apparently paper cuts in the eye are extremely common according to the nice doctor I saw today.


it didn't hurt anymore than poking yourself in the eye with anything else but it does sting a bit every now and then.

he said it was a very small minor cut. I was told to go to emerg which I didn't like because I don't feel it was an emerg but 4 and 1/2 hours later which included a 'fast track' that lasted 2 1/2 hours....I'd hate to see if I wasn't "fast tracked" I'd probably still be there. Lots of interesting things to occupy my wait though.

I hate paper cuts to begin with but this takes the cake.

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