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Roger Waters to perform DSOTM


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Haven't seen anything posted yet, if it has ignore this post I guess.

He's to do it in France & Nick Mason is going be playing with him.




This was posted on another board but I couldn't find a direct link to it myself.

From Pollstar:

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters has announced a European tour, along with the promise of a full performance of his former band's album Dark Side Of The Moon in France.

The confirmed concerts start with an appearance at Portugal's Rock In Rio - Lisbon festival June 2. From there, he'll do at least 10 dates in Italy, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Greece and Denmark, staying on the road through July 12.

According to Waters' official Web site, the former Pink Floyd bassist/vocalist will be joined by ex-bandmate Nick Mason on drums for a live version of Dark Side Of The Moon. The site does not specify whether the event will be a one-off or a tour, stating simply, "Somewhere in France. This summer."

Details are expected shortly.

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The band were always friends along those lines. Nick and Roger were the drinkers, Richard and David were the tokers. Shouldn't come as a huge surprise they end up playing solo gigs with each other as back-up. Also, Nick was the guy who Roger had the least amount (if any) animosity towards during and post break-up.

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