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It looks like she's doing the folk festival circuit again this year. Does anyone know of any big folk festivals around Toronto/Hamilton/Kitchener/Waterloo? I definitely want to see her this year.

Saturday July 15, 2006, Vancouver, BC

Jericho Beach Park ($25.00-$100.00)  

Vancouver Folk Festival

Thursday July 27, 2006, Calgary, AB

East Side of the Eau Claire Market ($45.00-$115.00)

Calgary Folk Festival: Prince Edward Park

Saturday August 12, 2006, Edmonton, AB

Edmonton Folk Music Festival ($55.00-$129)

Edmonton Folk Festival August 11-13, 2006

Sunday August 13, 2006, Regina, SK

Victoria Park: Regina Folk Festival

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Sometimes Hamilton's Festival of Friends gets some decent talent, and admission is free. Mind you, it's not a real folk festival like the ones in Winnipeg and Edmonton. Usually the musical acts at Festival of Friends are terribly mediocre, but sometimes they've had some surprisingly killer shows.

Plus, you get to see the vast population of white trash that Hamilton has to offer, all of them stomping around Gage Park for three days. Hey, I did say it was free, right?

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Festival of Friends is terribly hit or miss.

Bruce Cockburn made me cry like a little girl there a few years back.

And yes, it sounds terribly snobby to say but the truth is there are some incredibly offensive people slithering around that festival every year. Unbelievable how some people choose to present themselves in public.

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