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Hornsby's 'Intersections' Boxed With DVD


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From www.billboard.com

Hornsby's 'Intersections' Boxed With DVD

April 06, 2006, 3:55 PM ET

Katie Hasty, N.Y.

[blurb]Bruce Hornsby's career to date will be represented with the four-disc, 53-track boxed set "Intersections," which is due July 25 via RCA/Legacy. A fifth disc comprises a 22-track DVD that rounds up live performances and music videos.

The CDs are quartered off into different discs: "Top 90 Time," "Solo Piano, Tribute Records, Country-Bluegrass, Movie Songs," "By Request" (favorites and best songs) and "By Request Part 2."[/blurb]

All the pianist/songwriter's biggest hits, including "The Way It Is," "Mandolin Rain" and "The Valley Road" are included in the collection. Several tracks that were either inspired by or recorded during his stint as keyboardist for the Grateful Dead also made the cut, like "Across the River" (with Jerry Garcia on bass) and a cover of the Dead's "Jack Straw," which appeared on the tribute release "Deadicated."

Three videos ("Swing Street," "Talk of the Town" and "Love Me Still") from director Spike Lee appear on the DVD, as does Hornsby's performance of "Another Day" at Farm Aid 1993. "The Way It Is," Hornsby's first video and breakthrough hit, kicks off the disc, though, as the artist writes in the liner notes, it was "made before I learned how to say "'no.'"

Here is the track list for the "Intersections 1985-2005" boxed set:

Disc one:

"The Way It Is"

"Mandolin Rain"

"The Valley Road"

"Jacob's Ladder"

"Nobody There But Me"

"The End Of The Innocence"

"Look Out Any Window"

"Across The River"

"Lost Soul"

"Fields Of Gray/That's Where It's At"

"Walk In The Sun"

"Gonna Be Some Changes Made"


Disc two:

"Song A"

"Song B"

"Song C"

"Song D"

"Variations On Swan Song & Song D"

"Song F"

"Song H"

"Barcelona Mona"


"Jack Straw"

"Madman Across The Water"

"Darlin' Cory"

"The Valley Road"

"Crown Of Jewels"

"Big Stick"

"The Valley Road"

"Hop, Skip And Jump"

"Love Me Still"


Disc three:

"The Show Goes On"

"Barren Ground"

"A Night On The Town"

"Talk Of The Town"

"Rainbow's Cadillac"

"Pastures Of Plenty"

"Spider Fingers/Tempus Fugit"

"White Wheeled Limousine/Long Black Veil"

"King Of The Hill/Twelve Tone Tune/Mystery Train"

Disc four:

"Resting Place"

"Preacher In The Ring, Part I"

"Preacher In The Ring, Part II"

"Fortunate Son/Comfortably Numb"

"Sneaking Up On Boo Radley"


"Sticks & Stones

"The Chill"

"The Good Life"

"What The Hell Happened"

"Hooray For Tom"

"Candy Mountain Run"


"The Way It Is"

"The Valley Road"

"Look Out Any Window"

"Defenders of the Flag"

"Across The River"

"Talk Of The Town"

"Fields Of Gray"

"Walk In The Sun"

"Swing Street"

"Go Back To Your Woods"

"The Valley Road"

"Barcelona Mona"

"Love Me Still"

"Comfortably Numb"

"They Love Each Other"


"The Mighty Quinn"

"Another Day"

"The Tide Will Rise"

"Talk Of The Town"

"Star-Spangled Banner"

"Gonna Be Some Changes Made"

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like "Across the River" (with Jerry Garcia on bass)

Whoa! Garcia did the guitar solo on that track. That is the worst (bracketed) tidbit I've ever seen on a so-called 'music' magazine! Well, internet news releases make mistakes, but that's hilariously wrong.

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