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Beatles Albums...you're favs

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its hard for me to pick a favorite.

all other bands i really care about..the favorite shifts from time to time.

the first Beatles album that really got me into the Beatles was Revolver, and for that, it hink it does go down as my all time favorite.

when they were still a pop band i'd go with HELP

and when they were an experimental drug band later on, i'll go with Magical Myster Tour.

but revolver imo, is the perfect balance of Pop Sensibility, and mind altering experimentation.


NOTE: all beatles albums are a ten.

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What an impossible question. I've always been a fan of the post-Rubber Soul phase, and have been, with much glee, discovering the earlier albums, but the truth is that there's a richness in the later material that's inexhaustible.

That said, I'll always be a sucker for Abbey Road.

And historically speaking, Sgt. Pepper's is probably more significant than can be adequately assessed.

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Not a real album, but the cd I listen to most often is:

The River Rhine Tapes -- Get Back Sessions January 1969

1. Two of Us

2. I dig a Pony

3. I got a Feeling

4. Dont Let Me Down

5. I Me Mine Waltz

6. Let it Be

7. For You Blue

8. One After 909

9. Long and Winding Road

10 Get Back

11 Oh Darling

12 Across the Universe

13 Dig It/John sings the titles

14 Mailman

15 Good Rockin Tonite

16 20 Flight Rock

17 Her Majesty

18 Maxwells Silver Hammer by John

19 Maxwells Silver Hammer by Paul

20 Suzy Parker

21 Bad Finger Boogie

22 Mean Mr Mustard

23 All Things Must Pass

24 The Walk

25 River Rhine

26 BillyBeatle Boogie

For official albums I'd have to go with Revolver or the White Ablum.

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