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Benevento/Russo Duo track


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From the Duo's messageboard. I gotta see these guys sometime this summer.

"The guys have asked me to post the first cut from the upcoming studio release for everybody to take a sneak peak at...but there are reasons for this as well. The guys would like to make sure that everybody knows the lyrics and melody to this song by the time they get back home for their big BOWERY BALLROOM show on April 28th (did we mention that tickets are moving quicker than any other hometown show we've played, minus the Freaks Ball sellout earlier this year). So show the guys that you can do your homework, and take a listen on the myspace page (http://myspace.com/beneventorussoduocom) or download the low-res mp3 from the Official Duo Site (will be up by the evening of 4/5/06 pst) and come prepared to sing your asses off when the guys bust into PLAY PAUSE STOP.

Also, do us a favor and get the word out there for the band. Take this info and post it to the Yahoo (Rus/Ben) Forum or let your friends who are heading out to these spring shows know, or just tell a few strangers and check out how they respond...Let's have some fun with it...the guys must've read that you were looking for some crowd participation and this is what they want out of y'all.



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