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The Daily Show Theme Song...


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I noticed something too:

The Lays chips commercial that is playing these days - the one where it's sunny or something and maybe in a kitchen.. well the song sounds little like the catchy riff of Sisters Euclid's 'Domenic.' Anyone notice this?

Oh, and I was listening to the Maple Leafs on the radio and they use 90210's theme song.

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this just brought up one of those things that I always am curious about.

Although I haven't heard the Kids in the Hall theme in a couple of years, I was able to play it back in my head...note for note ... likely very close to the right key to compare it to the theme to the Daily show which is also in my head.

I'm curious if that's the way it works for everyone?

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I like the theme for Cheers, Hill Street Blues, Mash, All In The Family, Miami Vice, WKRP (into and end themes), Blackaddar, Faulty Towers, Drew Carey and the BBC Office. Oh, the new Battlestar Galactica theme sets a perfect tone for the series. It seems the best series have some of the best themes.

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I was watching a They Might Be Giants doc. which said they wrote the Daily Show Theme Song.

Really?!?!? It doesn't sound like them at all.

This was easily researched on the internet.

Here's more by John Flansburgh


from John Linnell both of They Might Be Giants.

They are also known for their version of the Bob Mould song "Dog on Fire" (the theme song to The Daily Show)' date=' and "Boss of Me", the theme to the hit television comedy Malcolm in the Middle, for which they won a Grammy Award.[/quote']
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