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Killer show tonight in T.O. !


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I know it's really late to find out about this, but if you don't already have something lined up, this is exactly what you should check out!

Peter Katz w/Band @ Revival (783 College St. W.)

with special guests: Mike Evin & Amanda Mabro Cabaret Band

Advance tix are available online only for a short while longer ( www.peterkatz.com ) for $10 which includes a bonus live CD. Otherwise it's $15 at the door, with no disc. So, try to get 'em online ASAP.

If you're not familiar with Peter, then check it out first at his homepage (above) or at myspace: www.myspace.com/peterkatz

It's not often that I feel this confident in saying that I'm absolutely sure you won't regret it.



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[color:red]Baby. baby...he can give his 2 cents as long as it's lovin' and sexxxy...

[color:red]Example: "I think that Peter, writes attractive sexified song and his band is hansome, but it ain't date material. Perhaps a casual friends with benefits situation in a musical sense."

Say what you say but keep it saucy and sultry at all times. :):):)

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If you knew anything about me, you'd take that back.

[[color:red][color:red]I got so much love to give, that Ima gonna take that back for him Smoothedshredder.

I aplogize on behalf of Cully wheater he needs it or not.

Spread the love on thick and greasy until it make you feel uneasy.[

Just for you SS.


"Love ain't scary unless yo' cold and hairy, so shave it down and open yo' heart...btiches!"

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Good promotion, but killer? I don't think so. Peter writes good songs, I'll give him that and his band is good, I'll give him (them) that.

But killer?

I'd suggest more like filler.

As it turns out, it's more like venue filler!

The place was packed and the show was............killer hahah!!!

Oh and yes, Mike Evin puts on a great show as does Ms. Amanda Mabro.

Thanks all for a murderous evening of tunes ;)

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