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This the debut from Alaska via Indiana's Margot and the Nuclear So and So's. It's absolutely wonderful stuff. Here's the review I wrote about it.

Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s

The Dust of Retreat (Artemis)

I hope I will be cited as the first to offer up this prediction, but I believe that The Dust of Retreat will be lauded as one of the best albums of 2006 and probably one of the most inspiring, life-affirming debuts in years. Apparently this Alaskan via Indiana-based octet met in a pet store, developing the band into a commune of sorts for musicians in a small, yet unnamed benign Midwestern town. The result is a gorgeous, multi-layered listen that flirts with the sonic forcefulness of The Arcade Fire, the melodic brilliance of Grandaddy and the romanticism of Rufus Wainwright, all while speaking to the sordid malignance that often intertwines life in the Midwest. “Vampires in Blue Dresses†is an anthem to anyone who had the balls to go as a mini-skirted vampire on a wintry Halloween while “On a Freezing Chicago Street†details the sacrifices one often makes to become a starving artist, which involves not being able to pay for heat, proper food or instruments for that matter. In addition, the rest of the songs that encase the debut are just as good, flirting with operatic pop, lo-fi folk, dreamy Indie, creating the penultimate album for anyone upset enough about the world to do something, while remaining optimistic enough to cry about it. Simply terrific.


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