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Moved in!


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Well, after about 7 months of chipping away, we stayed in our newly constructed home Sunday night for the first time! I didn't do much of the actual carpentry, but helped out with a lot of different things; and for the last month we have been painting almost every night and weekend. BOY DID THAT EVER GET STALE. We are thrilled to be in! Although there are a ton of small things to do still (closet rods and shelves, bathroom bars and stuff like that) it feels wonderful to wake up and look at the ocean from our own house! Anyway, hope to have some visitors in the summer!

Our new house. More pics to come.

Tonight may be the night the home theatre gets a test drive!

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Nice! I really dig that one-piece shower/tub thing. My parents had our bathroom renovated when I was a kid, and tried to have one of those installed, but it couldn't be fit through the door, so had to go with a three-piece, which meant there were seams and gaskets, which had to be maintained and cleaned.

I noticed, however, that there wasn't any room designated "jam room" or "music studio". Where does the bass amp go? :o

Congratulations on the new place, man. It looks mighty nice to my eyes!


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