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Tortoise footage


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I thought they were post-rock?

Edit to add: they are. According to


The band Tortoise was among the founders of the movement. After the second Tortoise LP Millions Now Living Will Never Die, the band became a post-rock icon. After many bands (e.g., Do Make Say Think) began to record music inspired by the "Tortoise-sound", and were often described as post-rock.



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haven't watched the footage cuz i'm at work, but yeah, my allegiance to tortoise is without question.

saw them at the embassy in london back in the day, sometime from 96-98, that was pretty sweet. and then at bonnaroo and capital music hall in ottawa, but the ottawa show was during the hockey playoffs and i got so drunk at the dom watching the sens before the show that i don't remember much.

i remember tungsten wearing my sunglasses. it was april 16 2004. Eric's birthday. (coughcoughSundaycoughcough)


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