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Draw a Pig personality test


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huh...well it cut me off before putting the final deets of the mountainous, flower covered, birds flying, sun shining, clouds drifting, tree laden, back drop....haha...apparrently by my Pig that was doing a ballerinas pilat(sp?)in a funky tutu I am;

Positive & enthusiastic...(who knew :P )

I enjoy playing Devils advocate and neither fear nor avoid disscussions...(the truthfullness of this depends on my mood)

Am analytical, cautious and distrustfull...(mabey)

My listening skills could use improvement...(perhaps)

I have no sex life...(I suppose geography might make that accurate but the size of my belly says thats not true when Geographys not an issue :o )

...and hey now how could a pigs tail be visable from the front view?!?!....haha....wellll.

Boogie' I've been meaning to ask you what that animation link you had was?

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i'm positive and optimistic.. believe in tradition, am friendly and remember birthdays (which i don't), i'm secure, stubborn, and stick to my ideals, i'm emotional and naive, care little for details and take big risks, i'm a good listener and have a great sex life.


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