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you're favorite jamband right now and why.

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they are actually the only jamband i like these days. they are also my favorite band.

phish, nero and moe. are the only 3 bands from this "scene" that i ever truly cared about.....

and moe. is the last band that exists that really does it for me.

i'll see some other bands and really enjoy myself like Jimmy Swift Band, um......thats all i can relaly think of right now...

but yeah, moe. just does it for me.....

the only band left that i'll travel for.

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i think im gonna have to say moe.

they not only blow me away from time to time

but they somehow bring the right people together

to create a magical feeling that sets you at ease

and makes you feel happy and free at their


heres to this yrs moe.down ! can't wait!

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Excuse the ignorance but 'jam bands' is referring to those bands minus electronica???

I'm almost 40 -n- at this time in my life I want a little 'electronica'. I have enjoyed 'rock -n- roll' all of my life but there comes a time in a persons life when a change up is a good thing. Moe is all good but... I never once listened to phish because I thought they rode the 'coat tails' of ... A good/great jam can go a long way but it has been going on for a long time. Led Zeppelin was ripping up prior to the 70's. For that reason, MOE can only be 'really good'.

*If that makes any sense.

** Do not discount the fact that I can be full of shttt

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still lost on the good ol Grateful Dead

wide open to the next act I feel "means it" at a relative level to them

hell of a lot of fantastic players, composers and songwriters out there I love too but few who come close to inspiring the same sense of something beyondness I still can't describe right

moe certainly can play like muddafuckas but don't sing about anything I can relate to unconditionally... or really even remotely, in my meager experience... what the hell are those guys talking about?

Ween I get... for moe. (and most Phish) I feel like I need to change myself to hop on board 100%

apperently I need a Ween show, since that slipped right out... with a Ship of Fools encore, preferably

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Sometimes (some artists within this realm I can move to) I get pretty bored with electronica. Redundancy perhaps? Give me a sweet organic melody, a deep groove, and I'm content.

If I had to pick "one favourite jamband", it would be the Dead hands down. No questions asked, no comparisons...

Like payce-ley mentioned they encompass something deeper that is difficult to describe. Listening to the Dead reminds me that i am part of something larger.

And okay I'll admit it. The Fat Cats are up there for me. I've been to more shows than I could ever attempt to count, but I always have a good time, and I rarely stand still.

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My favourite jamband right now?

Same as its always been and always will be.

The Grateful Dead.

If I need to explain, you wouldn't understand.

Like edger, I've seen many a Fat Cats show over the years and they are my favourite Canadian band, but I am reluctant to consider then a jamband.

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