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i got my first speeding ticket today :( tips on how to get out of it plz!!!

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so today i woke up at 4:30 in the morning and decided to call in sick for my shift at 5am.....then decided i should be responsible and go into work.....

well..i shoulda stayed home...

cuz i ended up working off my speeding ticket today ...

i've heard about creative scheduling and cancelling of the trial and getting off...

any tips?

DETIALS: it was my first ticket, i was doing 20 over in a 60 zone...it was 4:50 in the morning and the roads were empty

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you're right CC.. if you fight it and the cop is a no show then you're free.

or you can call the pointts people. i think you pay them the same price as the ticket to get off it.. or something like that.

or you can go to the justice of the peace, give them a sob story - student, low income, first time violation, etc. etc. and they'll most likely lower your ticket value and reduce your points.

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Seems to me you used to get off when the cop didn't show up, but now I think you are supposed to enter your plea upon arrival with the person who seems to be the court-appointed prosecutor (or something). So, what's worked for me in the past is choosing the "Not Guilty" plea on the ticket, then when your court date comes (personally I've started to try to make a point of remembering what my cop looks like and even making note of his description, or driving around the court parking lot day of trial to see if there are any cars from that division at the courthouse before I go in) if your cop isn't there when the judge asks your plea, say "Not Guilty" and you're off. Otherwise, if you see your cop there, check in with the court person and change your plea to "Guilty to a Lesser Speed" and often the fine will be reduced and they will let you plead guilty to a speed that doesn't involve point loss. That's what I do...hope it helps for you :) BTW, I've been driving for about 25 years and have about as many speeding offences to match.

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