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Reminder: Trailer Park Boys Season 6 Starts Tonight


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hahaha!!! That opening scene with the different-objects-as-cocks-isn't-this-funny-julian-fuck-you-julian was gut wrenching!

What was that line that Bubbles said to Randy at the Cheeseburger Picnic? Something about how many cheeseburgs he packed in there?

And I will never tire of Ricky's parking abilities...better than the Duke's

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I got many laughs. A good one was definately in the opener where Ricky is trying to get Julian to get really drunk and do drugs with him and to fuck with Randy.

Julian keeps saying that he can't hear Ricky through the window, but easily responds to Bubbles talking which prompts Ricky to question how Julian can hear Bubbles but not him.

Then later, Ricky says that he's going to go ahead and get drunk, do lots of drugs and ruin Randy's picnic. Bubbles and Julian try and get him to promise not to drink and do drugs and to avoid the picnic. Ricky responds "Well, I'm getting really drunk so whatever happens it isn't my fault"

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