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Cat trapped in 19th century New York City building found on 14th day


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It may not be world-changing, but it's nice to hear good news reported now and then...

Cat trapped in 19th century New York City building found on 14th day

NEW YORK -- Molly the cat is finally free.

After 14 days trapped behind a brick wall in a 19th century Greenwich Village building, the bashful 11-month-old feline was rescued Friday night by a volunteer who found her wedged in a crawl space between bricks and a piece of sheet metal.

"I think you'll all agree that she is in great shape," said Peter Myers, who owns the delicatessen housed in the building where Molly was stuck. The black cat appeared calm in the media spotlight late Friday.

Her first meal? Roasted pork, and sardines in oil and water, Myers said. Not bad for a feline who is the resident mouser in Myers of Keswick, a deli specializing in meat pies, clotted cream and other British food specialties.

Molly's ordeal became international news this week as reporters and onlookers gathered to hear her distressed meows. Rescuers drilled and hammered out bricks in the cellar of the 157-year-old building and tried everything from special cameras to traps to get her out.

They tried using kittens at bait to appeal to Molly's maternal side. On Friday, even a pet psychic showed up. But it appeared that good, old-fashioned elbow grease ended up doing the job.

Workers drilled a hole in the wall from inside the store, cutting through three layers of brick to get to Molly, said Mike Pastore, field director for Animal Care & Control, a private organization with a city contract to handle lost, injured and unwanted animals.

She was finally retrieved by Kevin Clifford, a tunnel worker who was working on a project nearby and has been volunteering for the rescue effort.

"It was twisting and turning, paws were flying everywhere," said Pastore. "It took a little struggle to put her back in a cage."

Animal Care & Control will set up a link on its Web site for people to donate to help with repairs at the store. (AP)

April 15, 2006


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