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The Stooges Return

Dr. J

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This does look cool. The Stooges were one of the most original and hardest bands of thier time, save only the MC5.

However, is this really a Stooges reunion, or simply and Iggy Pop tour with Iggy playing Stooges material? I mean the article does not mention anything about Ron or Scott Ashton's invovlement. The Ashton's brother's guitar and drum work were key in the Stooges sound. Jack White is certainly a welcome edition, but let's have some original Stooges other than IGGy invovled.

Bring it on! :o

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Steve Albini and Jack White will produce a real Stooges album. Jack is a fantastic producer who "gets" what a band or artist's sound is all about - sometimes more than the even the artists themselves.

Listen to the work Jack did on the first Von Bondies album if you don't think he can make a great Stooges album. That album is a fantasic non-Stooges - Stooges CD.

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This is wild news. Thanks for the heads up, Dr. J.

I'm not expecting another solid-all-the-way-through album on par with Raw Power or Funhouse or anything, but what I've seen of the former Stooges tour reunion convinces me that they still have some "go" in them. Honestly, I'll be happy with 2 or 3 solid tracks. And I believe they can pull that off. Albini and Jack White, for sure, that brings up the confidence level.

Definately my favourite down-and-gritty tight-as-fuck rock band. I always say that the Stooges are the greatest rock'n'roll band ever ... even when I'm not sure that I mean it.

Cool as shit. I'm excited.

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