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Dilema: What to say? Got an email like MarcO.....


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Been deliberating whether to offer this up for ridicule all day. Basically, Sunday night I brought this girl home that I have shagged a few times, 21, quite fit and sweet in her own little way. Anyway, we were both boozed up, her being fairly fecked in all honesty.

Woke in the morning to a wet bed sheet which my initial reaction was that I must have pissed the bed (as you know, I have previous). However, on further inspection it was over her side of the bed and she had wet legs (all investigations done when she was asleep).

I went to the loo and when I came back she had, in all fairness to her, turned the mattress over and put the damp sheet back on and was lying on it to try to hide it. I let on that I hadn't noticed and she stayed for another couple of hours and I shagged her again.

To be honest the piss thing didn't bother me at the time and I didn't want to embarass the poor kid by letting on that I knew.

However, is it acceptable to see her again? I have been seeing another girl for a few weeks and think I prefer her so is it acceptable to use the bed-wetting as an excuse to dump this one?

No rule 1 as I haven't managed to get a picco yet.


::edit to add, name witheld::

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Here's the follow-up. This could become intriguing:

Got a text from her this morning cos I haven't been in touch for industry standard 3 days. She apologised for being pissed and arguing with her friend (who had told me she went home with random men 'all the time' SLAG), and said she would understand if I didn't want to see her again. I think she is tacitly probing me for info to see if I have noticed the piss stains. Gonna play it cool and keep her on her toes I think. Told her I'd meet her tonight for the cinema, don't think she caught on when I asked her if Waterworld was still showing though.

Probably was the perfect time to get rid of her but couldn't help it, I'm intrigued by the piss thing.

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