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My music storage issues....solved.


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The most powerful Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hard drive in a portable 5.25" 1U form factor, the LaCie Big Disk is designed for low-cost storage expansion and is ideal for backing up several workstations with enormous capacities up to 1TB. With USB universal connectivity and no software to configure, this plug & play drive delivers high performance with maximum convenience. Easily share and exchange among multiple workstations for archiving without clogging the network. Its durable d2 body has been uniquely designed to naturally dissipate heat (500GB and 600GB drives are fanless) and its “smart fan†technology (in the 1TB drive) allows for the quietest possible operation.


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Taken from the link above:

1TB (terabyte) = 1000GB.

Works out close to $1100+ CDN (without shipping), although, I have a friend who works at a computer shop looking into a better price from within Canada. I'm hoping to be able to get one somtime later this year.

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lol, no links to wiki so far?

A terabyte (derived from the SI prefix tera-) is a measurement term for data storage capacity equal to approximately 1000 gigabytes. Another way to look at is one trillion (short scale) bytes. It is commonly abbreviated TB.

Because of irregularities in using the binary prefix in the definition and usage of the kilobyte, the exact number in common practice could be either one of the following:

1,000,000,000,000 bytes – 10004 or 1012.

1,099,511,627,776 bytes – 10244 or 240. (This capacity may be expressed unambiguously as a tebibyte.)

The prefix "tera" originates from the Greek word teras meaning 'monster'.


Either way, I want one!

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A terabyte is lots, that's what it is.

Just think, if you have an average size of 50mb/shn(or flac) you could fit around 20 000 of them.

At 10mb average mp3 you could fit 100 000 of them.

I've been wanting one of these LaCie drives for a while but they're still too pricey at $1000. It shouldn't take long for it to get cheaper though. Just 1 year ago it was around $1800 or so.

I have a 250gig external and it's completely full, I'm constantly burning dvd's to make room for more shit.

FYI: This isn't actually ONE hard drive, it's two (or more) stuck together in one box. Maxtor has one as well but LaCie's look way nicer.

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mp3? Not me, I maybe have 50 on my HDD, used mainly for samples when starting a 25-50 disc trade. This will be mainly used for my live Dylan collection which alone, in data is currently over 250+ GB. But add the rest of my list & I might be close to filling it...lol

I have a 360GB drive now in my desktop & am constantly burning to keep 100+ GB free but thats only live music. I have a couple live DVDs here but usually burn them off or watch same day and then delete.

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I think 50MB for a SHN/FLAC version of a show is very low. Most one-set shows will be at least 100MB - 300MB, and a two-set show can easily be 700MB - 900MB. (I know this because I often back up shows to CD-R after they've been set up on the Live Music Archive, and even in SHN, it still often requires two CD-Rs to back up a two-set show.) A better average would be 500MB, I think.

Consider: a full single audio CD contains about 700MB of data. Even at 50% compression (which is good for SHN/FLAC; in my experience, SHN shrinks shows by less than 50%), that'll be 350MB.



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Yeah Brad, I keep copies of all shows (in data) I download and all I upload to archive backed up also.

Now-a-days though, I back up most shows in data to DVDs, since it takes up alot less space. But that makes it hard to listen to the a specific show somtimes, so I figure get a 1 TB drive, back up to DVD as usual (catalog it for reference) & also to the drive, that way I can play them through my computer which is connected to my home stereo. Never needing to burn a WAV, unless for a trade, which I rarely do in WAV anymore, or for a friend who wants a copy.

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I think 50MB for a SHN/FLAC version of a show is very low.

per song, not per show

I was just reading some reviews and most weren't too good. The drives crashing and all data is lost, etc. That sucks 'cause I'm still waiting for this to become affordable.

I will for sure buy a blu-ray drive when they're available. At 50gigs/disc it's a great backup system. 20 discs = 1 TB. The hard drive is still nice though.

The whole thing that bugs me is that whenever they come out with nice new things like blu-rays and TB discs, they also increase the data needs of whatever you'd like to store. There's a 50gig disc then movies will increase to 50gigs. Hell, even digital pics take up quite a bit more now and that grows every time new cameras come out.

The nice thing with audio is that the human ear can only take in so much so the quality can't keep getting better and better. It will, even if we can't tell other than in spectrum view, but it shouldn't jump up like movies (8gig to 40gig type deal). Wavs have been around forever and haven't really increased all that much in size. Then again, new music will probably start coming out with a million channels all taking the same amount of space for full out many speaker surround, etc, which will increase the space requirements.

Bla bla bla, I'm bored and want a fun new toy like this drive to play with.

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