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The Wizard of Speed and Time


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Is anyone familiar with this great 1989 low budget cult classic? I just saw it the other day and thoroughly enjoyed. Its a quirky comedy about an small time special effects producer and movie maker, trying to score a shot at the big time. The effects in it are great, focusing in on stop-start animation. Its hilarious, and good eye candy.

IMDB details on the movie

Download it here (bit torrent) - find it half way down the page.



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Will do Scottie! I prefer the dolsot bibimbap (hot bowl, raw egg).. And Cass over Hite, though its all the same swill.

This movie rules!

I also downloaded the entire series of Jim Henson's The Storyteller. It was only on for one season. Basically re-telling old European folk tales, really creative good stuff.

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