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The Silver Hearts - Thursday in Kingston, Friday in Ottawa!!!


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Grad Club in Kingston


Barrymore’s in Ottawa

see http://www.barrymores.on.ca/ for more details

"Brothel Blues"...A Saloon Symphony"... "Ghost Town Orchestra"...

"The Muppets meet Harry Smith's Anthology of Folk Music".."Music to rob

trains by"..

For the past five years, Peterborough's The Silver Hearts have

drawn comparisons as unique as their music.

Joined by Deadly Snakes vocalist & guitarist, Andre Ethier, The Silver

Hearts have returned with a unique recording of brand new material.

The resulting album, "Dear Stranger," was recorded spontaneously in a

wooden house in The Silver Hearts hometown of Peterborough, Ontario. With The Silver Hearts ethos of "playing forgotten styles with new grace & vitality" firmly intact, "Dear Stranger" carries echoes of pre-war blues, burlesque swing, torch ballads, mariachi morricone-esque victory anthems, Dylan & The Band's "Basement Tapes," and everything else you'd expect to hear from a far-away place.

"Dear Stranger" will be in stores on Tuesday April 11, 2006 on Banbury

Park Records, Distributed by Festival Distribution.

For more information, please contact steve@banburypark.com

Article from Now Magazine - http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2006-04-06/music_feature4.php

Check out the website


Hear sneak previews of the new songs and join our brand new community at »http://www.myspace.com/thesilverhearts«

You can sample all the tunes from each of the following CDs!!!

The Silver Hearts track-for-track interpretation of Tom Waits' Rain Dogs »http://cdbaby.com/cd/silverhearts3«

Our Precious City - Phenom original CD released Summer 2004


No Place - hard to find original CD.... »http://cdbaby.com/cd/silverhearts2«


"A concert by the Silver Hearts is like a steaming pot of gumbo. Knock

back a mouthful and you'll find a little bit of everything in it: ragtime, cow-punk, Tin Pan Alley, little chunks of bluegrass. Loose-limbed and good-matured, The Silver Hearts music is also tight and centered. "

- Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Canada

"Their tunes might recall something by a wine-whipped country string

band... one moment and then a bluesy-woozy outtake from Tom Waits' Bone Machine the next, and they have no qualms about wailing a teary ballad at the drop of a Stetson.

Silver Hearts don't need to wear tin sheriff's deputy badges to set

Themselves apart. When you travel in a 14-strong posse dressed in matching black suits, you tend to stand out in a crowd. NNNN"

- Now Magazine, Toronto, Canada.

"Triumphant, passionate and inspiring are not adjectives that usually

Describe showcase gigs but Peterborough's finest folkestra fed a frenzied crowd with Sadie-ish country, barrel-house blues, New Orleans hot jazz and otherworldly duets between the musical saw and theremin. Must be seen to be believed"

- Exclaim! Magazine, Canada.

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I just wanna type that the The Silver Hearts are a very friggin top-notch act, but it can't end there.

Barrymore's 3rd level was the PERFECT viewpoint for these guys. You're right behind the sound board at this spot with great sight lines with the HUGE mirrors displaying more viewpoints in your peripherals. If you turn your head and look back, there's something new going on, like another guitar player, or the keyboardist took on a trumpet. The Sousaphone would pop out of nowhere and there was always a spacy Thermine taking long walks through the park.

I'm so happy that they made it here on a friggin' weeekend!

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I forgot to mention that I got a very big Broken Social Scene/Frank Zappa feeling from that band last night.

Is that retarded? I'm new to zappa but I really felt like there was a zappa spirit controlling the main dude in the Silver Hearts (nice pants and shirt buddy!) THe BSS feeling came from the sheer size of the act with everyone switching roles from time to time. That's a big part of the show to me....along with a theramine ;)

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