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World Beats and Eats - May 5th 2006 - Benefit for C.D.F.


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World Beats and Eats

May 5th- 2006

Mercury Lounge

56 Byward st. (Sidedoor/Upstairs)

[color:green]$8 at the Door

-Benefit for - Canada Dance Festival

-Eats by - East African Restaurant, Pure Gelato, and Cafe Nostalgica

-Beats - This Months Giveaways from World Music Network's, Rough Guides Series- In house Beats by Emily Jones

followed by Special Guest Ben Jammin (CHUO, Lotus Lounge)

-Vernissage for - i am rurik

-Special Performance by - Decypher Cru and Speedroc


The Beneficiary:

In the summer of last year I was made aware of the Canada Dance Festival by a very dedicated, passionate young woman who was going to assemble a series that she hoped would be accepted for this year’s festival. Now, as I plan a World Beats and Eats to benefit the Canada Dance Festival, I see included in their program the same dedicated, passionate young woman's series. This year’s festival will be held June 2-10 and will feature "more than a dozen world premieres of new choreography by dance companies and independent artists" in the "prestigious halls of the National Arts Centre, the flexible performance space of La Nouvelle Scène and various outdoor sites [around Ottawa]."

The Eats:

-East African Restaurant

(376 Rideau St. - 613-789-7397) - This restaurant was one of the first to make a WB&E donation. It was with them that I first had the hot-chickpea and lentil dishes that go so well with the traditional Injera bread. We can look forward to this at the May 5th edition of WB&E!!

-Pure Gelato

(350 Elgin St - 72 William St.- 613-237-3799) - Spring is here and I hope we aren’t jumping the gun a bit with a donation from this local purveyor of fresh made gelatos. The gelato will be cold and the May 5th WB&E will be hot!

-Cafe Nostalgica

(603 Cumberland - 613-562-5800 ext 3014) - It maybe not be easy to phone up this cafe but it sure is easy to just sit around and enjoy the place. Catering to the needs of hungry students, the Cafe Nostalgica has some great offerings, but its their soup that we will get. Plan to be sipping on soup at the next WB&E!

The Beats:

This month the giveaways are provided by World Music Network's, Rough Guides Series (www.worldmusic.net). - If you have ever traveled to any destination that you needed a guide book for, you may have used one of their Rough Guides books, but you can also travel at home via their Rough Guides Music Series. This month we have their "Off the Beaten Track" sampler.

Always swanky in house beats.

** 7-9pm

beats w/ Emily Jones (emilyjones.ca, E18hteen, Social, Par-fyum)

** 9-10:30pm

Special Guest Ben Jammin (CHUO, Lotus Lounge)


i am rurik will fill the walls of the Mercury Lounge with his brand of art work. That in it self kind of says enough if you have ever seen his graphic {kind of scary] work.

Special Performance:

At 9pm Decypher Cru and Speedroc will be clearing the floor and taking to it in some old and new school break dancing, all in support of the Canada Dance Festival.


[color:red]May 5th- 2006 - 7-10pm

Mercury Lounge

56 Byward st. (Sidedoor/Upstairs)

$8 at the Door (FOOD and MUSIC GIVEAWAYS as well as ZEKE T-Shirts raffle prizes)

613-789-5324 or 613-882-0WBE (0923)


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