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Loose Change 2nd Edition


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you want answers, here's your answers. Loose Change is a movie about the truth on 9/11. Its very convincing and well put together. No scenes, no drama, just facts. I loved it. My friend brought this to me on friday night and Ive watched it 4 times. I think its time to fight back. They will tell you to "Show this movie to everyone you know" at the end of the movie and you will want to. Here is a link to stream the movie. Link


Call out the instigator

Because there's something in the air

We've got to get together sooner or later

Because the revolution's here

And you know it's right

And you know that it's right

We have got to get it together

We have got to get it together now

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I agree. I've watched it several times. What's interesting now is to pay atttention to the details coming out about Flight 93, the movie. People, look for pictures of the downed plane and all you get are shots of a whole in the ground and scattered pieces of metal. There was no downed plane, no fusileage, no wings. The actual plane of flight 93, according to American Airlines IS STILL IN SERVICE. How the fuck can a downed/crashed plane still be in service? The coroner brought to the scene has said on record he left after 20 minutes because "there were no bodies to examine or collect." WTF?

Also, and possibly more importantly, has anyone considered the success rate for having a cell phone call go through at crusing altitude? It can't happen. Try using your cell on the next flight you take (no it won't screw with the controls/equipment) and see of you get service at 12 000 feet. You won't. So how then is it possible for people to make cell phone calls to their loved ones from a plane? It isn't.

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Sounds good. There's too much that's fishy with this whole thing. The pentagon plane crash is one of the fishiest parts though.

Some coincidence theorists claim that it was a one-in-five chance that the nearly empty part of the Pentagon was hit, even though the flight maneuvers were world class precision flying and it is impossible to believe that a terrorist intent on causing as much damage as possible would have flown around the Pentagon to ensure that the one area with the fewest victims would be hit.

That's the funniest part. To get to the empty side took some pretty damn incredible flying if there really was a Boeing. Like best pilot in the world type flying. Those things are beasts at low levels and aren't meant to fly like that, they're meant to be guided by computers, etc. My buddy just finished aerospace engineering and even his teachers were pretty suspicious about this one (and they know planes, hell they teach people to build them).

Why won't they release the videos? The gas station beside the pentagon had cams that would have caught it all but the FBI took them right away and hid them. Why not show them? I haven't seen any pics or vids and if there's one thing folks are good at it's taking pics and vids of things like this (think phone cams).

Here's a neat site: click here

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I heard that tom cruise was the one that shot the missile at the pentagon. The missile was provided to him by none other than Chuck Norris (in his defense, though, he didn't know it was to attack the pentagon).

See, it wasn't the FBI that came and took the surveillance videos, it was scientologists dressed to look like them. They had to cover for tom. They also managed to brainwash a whole crapload of folks in the area into thinking it was an airplane. Full Story Here

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oh here's some wikipedia entry:

Financial backing for the project came in April 2005 from producers such as Phil Jayhan of letsroll911.org. Avery released the first edition of Loose Change with an initial press of 1,000 DVDs. Rowe, a former soldier who served in Afghanistan and Iraq joined the project in June 2005. Bermas also joined the team and together they released an updated second edition in November 2005.
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