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Optimus Prime sells soul

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller


Go here to see more pictures of Optimus Prime whoring himself out. I guess he's desperate for money now that his TV show was cancelled. I hear that he's close to declaring personal bankrupcy and will be forced to forfeit his Hollywood mansion if he does.

Can't say I ever thought he'd get to this point when I watched him in his glory years in the 80's. He was the fucking man back then! If only he managed his money correctly and didn't blow it all on his widely publicized WD-40 addiction he may still have some personal dignity left.

Alas like so many other 80's pop-culture icons (Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, Mike Tyson, etc...) his demons caught up to him.

On the flipside, his arch-rival Megatron is doing quite well for himself, even becoming chairman of the NRA after Charlton Heston stepped down. Rumour has it Megatron has a hidden stash of energon cubes which make up the foundation of his vast fortune.

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