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Canadian sues climbing club for disputing his Everest ascent

Davey Boy 2.0

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Right. Any thoughts on whether or not he made it to the top?!? Pure speculation of course but I'm saying he didn't make it and that I'd never buy a car from the lying prick.

Last Updated Wed, 19 Apr 2006 15:36:17 EDT

CBC News

A man in Alberta is suing a U.S. mountaineering club for defamation after it questioned his claim that he climbed Mount Everest in 2000.

Byron Smith filed the lawsuit against the American Alpine Club, which publishes lists of Everest ascents. They characterized his climb as "disputed".

Alberta climber Byron Smith, shown in front of Carstensz Pyramid in New Guinea. (Canadian Press)

Smith does not have photographic evidence of him atop the 8,850-metre summit. He said that at the time, he was preparing a live audio feed to a CBC audience and was also battling severe high winds.

His website also says that several still cameras were not functioning.

His claim is documented in The Himalayan Database. But some have questioned how quickly he was able to ascend and descend a difficult stretch of the mountain.

Smith said he has given the club evidence of his ascent, including affidavits from Sherpas who accompanied him on the trip.

He said one of the Sherpas, who often act as guides on Himalayan treks, may have taken photos.

Smith, a car dealer, said in an interview with the Denver Post that he is losing sales over the controversy.

look at 'im, i highly doubt he'd make it to the top of any peak in an Eddie Bauer Everest climbing sweater, a pair of chinos and some desert boots. case closed.


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Those aren't chinos or desert boots. Those are climbing pants (which appear to be the ones manufactured by Metolius) and "approach shoes".

I'll bet he made it. Why would he make that up?

(I'm just speaking as a climber who would be appalled at someone making up crap like that; although it has certainly happened in the past.)

I haven't seen anything written up about this in Canada's climbing magazine, Gripped, but I plan to watch out for this story.

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