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Skied 50 cm freshies this weekend. That was after a day kayaking on the Kuskanax and a day mtn biking in low elevation trees.

I'm home!

Me n' Kayte are trying to put together a website with some photos of the bus, a little how-to manual for bus conversions (our entire back brake casing was busted in two when we got it to Ottawa - that was a fun one to figure out and fix!) and an info site for new projects. I'll post the link if we ever get it together.

Glad to hear all's ok with moe.ron.

Sorry for the partial hijack bouche - at least there's something about brakes in here ;-)

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My brakes seized so badly they caught on fire and melted my tires and brake area....

Then the tow-truck guy showed up with his girlfriend in the truck and made me and my friend walk to the garage - I was in high heels and not looking for a hike that day. :o

yup it cost around 6bones to fix

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