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Anyone ever seen Jurassic 5?


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J-5 is playing for free today in Whistler Village. I think I'm gonna go, but I'm not sure. To be frank, I'm really not a fan of rap, but I often find "old skool" to be pretty entertaining.

Has anyone ever seen them? Opinions?

Also, I'm looking at a photo of them, and there seem to be six guys in the band. Aren't they called J-5 because there are five of them?

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Keller is on the 29th. Umph played on Sunday.

It was pretty good, but it was extremely cold outside, which really affected the type of guitar soloing the band could do. It also made the audience (including me) a bit grouchy.

The other problem is that I had some hippies staying with me for those shows, and earlier that day one of them had reason to believe that my dog got into his belongings, and may have ingested something she shouldn't. For that reason, I was on the phone with my vet and observing my dog for symptoms while the opening band played, and I showed up just in time for Umph; already stressed out. (My dog is fine; BTW.)

Anyway, the show was okay, but I have to see them again, because that was my first Umph experience, and it wasn't really up to what I expected, for all the reasons I just wrote.

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Well, Brad, the "something" (or "somethings", really) were pretty crushed up due to canine mastication. By all estimates, though, it was probably all still there, and she really didn't show any symptoms. I doubt she did ingest anything.

The funny thing about this, though, is that my vet has been practicing in Whistler a long time. This is kind of a weird town, so apparently he gets calls like this all the time. He was a total expert. (He recommended playing Pink Floyd for the dog, if she showed "symptoms".)

Imagine observing your dog, though, on a mountain trail for stuff like this. Here I am thinking, "Hmmmmmmm. She's barking at the woods, apparently at nothing. She's drinking from that gross puddle, as though she's really thirsty. Maybe those are symptoms; or maybe she's a dog!"

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I really hope you made this show, because you would not have been disappointed.

Yo, because of cash in the purse, guns blast in the hearse

A vast universe when the last is the first

The past been a curse, I need some asprin to nurse

It's your cash getting earth, I ask when it hurts

A passionate burst of some last-minute work

The first human bodies are living last in this Earth

Puffing grass when it works, a bastard at birth

But at last planet Earth, 5 Jurass finish first

(Stashed in this verse) Burning like gas in a torch

(Jurass in a fort) Some don't see past their front porch

(Masking a smirk) No doubt my class been alert

Verbal splash for your thirst, 5 Jurass finish first

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I tried.

The show was scheduled from 2:30 to 5:30, including the opener. I arrived just before 4:00. It was pouring rain and freezing, and the opening DJ was just finishing. I then learned that J5 had trouble getting over the border, but Whistler's DJ, Matt the Alien would entertain us in the meantime, until they made it.

I walked around the Village and hung out with a friend for awhile. I came back at 6:00 and watched Matt the Alien some more. I gave up at 6:30.

Apparently J5 did show up, and came on after 7:00 and did a short show to a generally pissed-off crowd, most of whom left within 20 minutes.

Ah well.

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Keller is on the 29th.

Hey, I spoke with my buddy studog from Chatham who is living out there somewhere... he's trying to decide between Keller w/ She Stole My beer in Whistler OR David Grisman Quintet in Vancouver next Saturday. If he goes to the Keller show you guys should definitely meet up.

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