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new song from The Cars


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Does anybody remember a solo album that Ocasek did a few years ago? I've never heard it, don't know anything about it, all I remember is reading in Guitar World that Billy Corgan and Melissa Auf Der Mar (who was already playing bass for the Smashing Pumpkins, who were on their last legs) played on it.

I used to know a guy, Paul, who was a huge Cars fan. He travelled a lot for work and one day found himself on a plane to L.A. sitting next to Eric Erlandson, guitar player for Hole (Courtney Love's band for which Auf Der Mar also played bass). They get to talking, blah blah blah, Erlandson says something like, "We're on our way to shoot the next Hole video."

Paul says, "'We'? Who's 'we'?"

Erlandson: "Well, Courtney always flies first-class, but Melissa's on the plane too, a few rows back."

Paul: "Melissa's on this plane? No way! I loved her playing on the Ric Ocasek solo album!"

Erlandson: "(Pfff) What? [sits up, turns halfway around in his seat and yells behind him] Hey Melissa! [pointing down to Paul in the next seat] This is the guy who bought the Ocasek album!"

And that's the story I tell whenever anybody mentions the Cars.

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From All Music Guide:

Perhaps inspired by the alternative bands he produced (Weezer, Bad Religion, Hole, Nada Surf), Ric Ocasek decided to return to guitar-pop with Troublizing. In many ways, its angular riffs, pulsating rhythms and catchy pop hooks echo Ocasek's days with the Cars, but co-producer Billy Corgan gives the album a heavier sound that relies on guitars. Backed with a band that features former Car Greg Hawkes, Hole's Melissa Auf der Maur, Bad Religion's Brian Baker and Corgan, Ocasek sounds more energetic than he has in years. Troublizing doesn't have too many memorable songs, but its consistency and tough sound make it his best collection of songs since Heartbeat City and his best solo album since This Side of Paradise.

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