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ELECTRIC APES April 22 Vancouver


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The counterfeit version of Hipstar Productions Presents:


[color:brown]JASON CROCKER & THE ELECTRIC APES with MOTHER and Shane Ghost Keeper


The Electric Apes is a Nine piece band consisting of a four piece horn section, keys, drums, upright bass, 2 guitars, vocals, lap steel, weird stuff and more. ( www.jaycrocker.com )

MOTHER will be supporting Jay on the bill. These guys and girls are great. Three part harmonies, acoustic guitar, drums, bass and tongue in cheek lyrics. ( www.motherband.com )

Starting off the night before Mother will be singer/songwriter Shane Ghost keeper.

A night of avant-garde jazz, pop, indie sensibilities (whatever that is , dirty funk, quirkiness, melody and harmony.


Please pass on the good word.

898 West Broadway

Showtime: 9:30pm-2am (ish)

(Also appearing at Steamers in Victoria Friday April 21...tell all yer friends)

â€Groove, big band horns, funky bass lines and a rusty jazz clang all come together in Jay Crocker’s Melodies from the Outskirts. And those are the guts of it; he also combines indie-pop and Afro jazz rhythms throughout.â€


"Jay Crocker, former lead singer and guitarist of fabled touring workhorse Recipe From a Small Planet, has emerged with his first release since the band called in quits two years ago. Along with fellow Recipe-mate Steve Fletcher on keys and his nine-piece Electric Apes handling the rhythm and brass, Calgary’s Crocker has compiled a creative collection of intricately scored, large-scale arrangements. These are wildly progressive, acid jazz exercises that flirt with straight-edged pop, classic Americana and familial roots rock. While a crammed earful at times, this stylistic sludge works because of Crocker’s obvious attention to detail, formal training and understanding that no matter how eccentric and free each song is, the element holding the stew together is its simple, consistent base. While Crocker’s songwriting is influenced by the ghosts of his old quartet, Melodies from the Outskirts, it is noticeably more concise, despite consisting of more complicated arrangements. This is a matured songwriter who inherently understands that some elements are best left out rather than raggedly jammed in."

View Magazine - Greater Hamilton's Weekly Alternative

Vol. 12 No. 10 - March 9-15, 2006

“This album blends together jazz, rock and Latin influences to create an addictive sound. Just when you start to relax into that finger-snapping vibe, the music becomes powered and you want to dance the night away.â€

Manitoba university


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