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the Bri-Guy back in the Ottawa Spotlight


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Who would have thought?

Brian Mulroney Canada's "Greenest" Prime Minister???

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney was praised Thursday night as Canada's greenest prime minister, and gave his first public address in Ottawa in almost 13 years.

"We need to learn those lessons of careless development and neglecting to clean up after ourselves," Mulroney said.

"We need to learn especially in the North. The future of this country is going north, and it's time for a new northern vision: one of sustainable development, that preserves the Arctic wilderness, protects wildlife, and sustains a way of life for our indigenous peoples."

Mulroney praised for his green record as PM


edit to add: i love the return of the diefenbaker vision of the "great north" in his speech. i need to get up there at some point. i want to go to the Dawson city Music festival next year.

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