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75 Bands


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Having some drugs in me may help but here is pre first J of the day attempt.

I see:

Guns N Roses (the cart in the front)

Jan and Dean (the two surfer dudes in the back)

Rolling Stones (The Big Rock)

Smashing Pumpkins (the guy smashing the pumpkins with the hammer)

The Blues Brothers (the dudes in the suits)

I think the Cowboy there is shooting up, so the Cowboy Junkies

Alice in Chains (under the Spoon maybe the spoon represents The Spoons)

The Zombies (or Michael Jackson ie Thriller) but I still think this is for the Zombies

Radiohead (the dude on the crosswalk)

That's it for now. Damned if I didn't find something to do for the day. :P

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not mentioned yet...


The Eagles

The Dead Kennedys



Dinosaur Jr

Men at Work or the Carpenters (on the roof)

the Cars

Cypress Hill

Blind Melon

the Roots

Iron Maiden

the Police



Red Hot Chili Peppers

9 Inch Nails

Bee Gee's (BGG on the wall)

Neil Diamond (on the ground by the produce cart)

Madonna (poster in the window)


the Doors

Green Day

Seal (poster in the window)

The Cranberries

Eminem (m & m's beside smashing pumpkins)



Jane's Addiction (with the Cowboy Junkies)

The Contortionists


Postal Service


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I played this game on Christmas Eve with a bunch of old highschool friends. We thought we found more than 75 so we entered our answers on the website and we must have either been wrong or spelled some band names wrong because apparently we missed a few, but it was fun. aaawww, now you made me all misty eyed, i've gotta call them now!

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