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NEIL YOUNG'S Official Blog - 'Living With War'


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Thanks! I can't wait to hear this.

The CNN interivew is f'n wicked. I have such respect for this man.

I like this part from the LA Times article:

"I'm eternally optimistic," he said. "Change doesn't have to happen tomorrow. Maybe the day after tomorrow. The endgame is, when people hear it, it's up to them to think whatever they want. And I can say whatever I want. We seem to be losing track of that."
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good lord, is it ever! fuckin neil young! where would be and where wouldnt we be going without him?! i got a little shivery at some points watchin' the man speak his point, feeling his conviction. loved the part about doing this to sell more records and get more publicity!! :D who did they think they were talking to? did they forget the 80's? hilarious - and that chick's skeptical "hmmm.. " at the end of the interview. gold!


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LOL yeah she has no idea who she is talking to, thats for sure!

"And this song, 'Impeach The President', what is that song all about?"

Its amazing how Neil keeps his cool after such ridiculous questions and comments! I guess he's heard it all though after 40 years of interviews.

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I just picked up this great DVD today for $6 (Canadian equivalent). Score!


"Red Rocks Live Neil Young Friends & Relatives"

Produced and Directed by L.A. Johnson

Associate Producer: Marcy Gensic

Director of Photography: Lynn Rabren, Lighting Director: Kieth Wissar

Recorded Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

September 19 & 20, 2000

A Widescreen DVD presented by Shakey Pictures

Executive Producers: Elliot Rabinowitz & Bernard Shakey

"If at all possible, buy the DVD and watch an astonishingly tight outfit at work, sharing energy and intensity on what is probably just another mind-blowing night on the tour."

-- Hal Horowitz, Ink19 (more)


1. Motorcycle Mama

2. Powderfinger

3. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

4. I Believe In You

5. Unknown Legend

6. Fool For Your Love

7. Buffalo Springfield Again

8. Razor Love

9. Daddy Went Walkin'

10. Peace Of Mind

11. Walk On

12. Winterlong

13. Bad Fog Of Loneliness

14. Words

15. Harvest Moon

16. World On A String

17. Tonight's The Night

18. Cowgirl In The Sand

19. Mellow My Mind

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Thanks for the post StnMtn. Love that CNN interview. The suggestion by the interviewer that Neil might be doing this to sell records is about the most balatantly stupid thing I've heard in awhile. Even the newscaster recognizes it as such. I love his comment and her expression at the end.

Long live, Neil!

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