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SUPERSUCKERS tonight in Hamilton (Underground)


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For Immediate Release:

Friday April 21

@ Underground

41 Catharine St N, downtown Hamilton




Doors 9PM


Starting with 1992,s "The Smoke Of Hell", we released a total of three rock records, one country record, split singles with Steve Earle and The Rev. Horton Heat, countless singles and a "best-of" double album (all on Sub-Pop,) then we put out what is considered to be our finest recorded moment to date "The Evil Powers Of Rock-n-Roll"(Koch/Aces & Eights) in late 1999. We've also been touring our asses off all over the world with bands like Mudhoney, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, The Ramones, Motorhead, The Toadies, The Butthole Surfers, The Reverend Horton Heat, The Dwarves and White Zombie. We've played a couple of Farm Aid shows and backed Willie Nelson on The Tonight Show. Our music has appeared in T.V. shows (Beverly Hills 90210), Movies (Baseketball, Hype) and commercials (Mountain Dew) as well as countless snow and skateboarding video compilations.

Throughout this entire time, our sole mission has been to create and perform timeless, quality music and get as many people as possible to hear it. That goal has never changed. The pursuit of that perfectly imperfect rock-n-roll moment is all we've ever been after. We've been doing this for well over a decade now and we're just getting started.


Band - http://www.supersuckers.com/

Music - http://www.myspace.com/supersuckers

Label - http://www.supersuckers.com/kit.php

Editorial - http://www.supersuckers.com/recent.php


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These guys are hilarious. If you like it LOUD, you'll dig this show.

I almost died laughing when I saw the lead singer walk to the front of the stage carrying a 6-foot tall trophy over his head, announcing, "We won this for being the greatest rock-'n'-roll band in the world!" I thought that was such an awesome statement, given that they were one of two opening bands that night. hahahaha


I just re-read my review of that night, at the link above, and here is the section about what I thought of Supersuckers...

The second opener was a better-known band, called Supersuckers. These guys really won me over; despite myself. The only way I can describe it, in a nutshell, is to say that I felt like I was watching Hard Core Logo (except they?re not Canadian). They were a lot of fun. Their sound was well ? generic ?80s hardcore/punk; but great! The lead singer brought out a trophy that looked bigger than me, which he held up into the air to inform us: ?We have been presented with this trophy for being the greatest rock ?n? roll band in the world!? (I was a little surprised that an opening band could be the greatest in the world, but I can?t really argue; I mean he had the trophy and all.) They ended their set with the lead singer, who is also the bassist, walking over to each band member, and letting them wail away on his bass. Each band member bass-soloed like crazy! It was great when the two guitarists did it, but the grand finale was when he walked over to the drummer, held his bass in the air, and did the left-hand fingering while the drummer played on the strings with his drumstick. Awesome.
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