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I can't stop listening to The Slip and Surprise Me Mr.Davis! THe most recent recordings that are CONSTANTLY playing are the Montreal 03-02-2006 show and one that Guigsy posted about.... 03-21-2006. Killer killer KILLER recordings. As well, there is a show from 2003 at The Narrows that contrasts the current Slip sounds and it's so fucking great.

The Surpise Me Mr. Davis stuff mostly comes from the official release the I got off of www.disclogic.com

I really do feel obsessed at the moment.

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what narrows show? 03.27.03, or one of the acoustic / electric nights they did when they released the aliveelectric/aliveacoustic albums? i just recently got the 11.28.03 acoustic show from the narrows - man, it's incredible!

but 03.27.03 is an all-time favourite show of mine. spring '03 = holy fuckballs.

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If you guys could make a "best of" slip disc out of the studio albums, what would be on it?

good question. However, I don't friggin have any studio slip! I can't wait for their impending release and all I've heard off of that is Even Rats (WICKED!)

I've got the 2 live acoustic/electric discs and nothing moore ;)

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For Slip studio, from the two I studio cds I have:

Songs w Lyrics:

Honey Melon (From the Gecko)

Alsoa (FTG)

Weight of Solomon (FTG)

Love and Tears (Angels Come on Time)

Beetle to the Badlands (ACOT)

Sometimes True to Nothing (ACOT)


Spice Groove (FTG)

Eube (FTG)

Yellow Medicine (FTG)

Cumulus (FTG)

Munf (FTG)

Get with Me Fuji (ACOT)

Sorry (ACOT)

Jumby (ACOT)

Tinderbox (ACOT)

Nellie Jean (ACOT)

I would also say So Dope, Johnnys Tune, Rhythym and Gold and Through the Iron Gate from Does would complete this set nicely..........

Of course I would probably be tempted to make a third cd comprising the rest of the songs from the albums, so it would really end up being just a mix of all of the Slip studio stuff and that would be ok...............


ps. I just received 12.26.03 and it is the best I have ever heard to date. Incredible!

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just found some

on youtube of the last show in Buffalo - 03.06.06... i just watched the first 30 seconds or so, and it looks a little dark, and i dont have sound at work, so i dont know what it sounds like either... but for anyone interested, there ya go.

NW: 12.26.03 ??? hook a brother up!

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