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In addition to being a big fan of Glengarry Glen Ross (...I saw the Alan Alda/ Liev Schrieber production last summer in NYC) I think his film State and Main is absolute genius. His script for "The Untouchables" is just amazing--it makes Kevin Costner seem like an actor. The beauty in his work for me is that he truly understands how to "trigger" a character through dialogue. His characters speak in riddles or half-truths or frailties or from confusion and somehow this cohesive beautiful work emerges from it.

I love it.

I may take in this soulpepper show.

On another note, the writing Mamet has done about Theatre, film and drama is also brilliant and visionary. The books "True and False"(about acting), "Three Uses of the Knife" (about why humans need dramatic works and how they work) and "On Directing Film" (self-explanatory) are great.


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