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Affirmative Action in India


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I don't expect it will get very far in the private sector (it's a tough enough ride in the public sector as it is); I mean, when an elected dalit MP like Phoolan Devi can be gunned down just for being an uppity Untouchable trying to improve the lot of women, it's hard to see why people in less democratically inclined milieux (i.e. business) should be any more inclusive (yeah ok, she did kill a bunch of people herself, but that's not the point).

Turning Point in India's Caste War

It's actually surprising a bill like this has gotten so far, given how much strength the Hindu right still has in government. Maybe they're playing their "court the dalits for a while because we're going to use them against the Muslims" card, which they pull out every now and then before going back to crapping all over them.

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