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most anticipated albums of 2006?


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There are some highly anticipated albums coming out in the near future! I can think of a few, what am i missing?

1. Paul Simon (w/ Brian Eno) - Surprise

2. The Slip - new album

3. Neil Young - Living With War

4. Apostle of Hustle -- ??? Hopefully happening sometime in 2006, though I haven't heard much about it except for comments made by Andrew Whiteman at this show.

5. Radiohead - ??


6. The Spades --- new album

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Well as many of you know my anticipated albums of 2006 will be:

1. Sisters Euclid - Run Neil Run

2. Sisters Euclid - Creature Comforts

This past week I had the great pleasure and opportunity to be the "Tumbleweed Tea-boy/Assistant" on the new Sisters CD that was tracked in a total of two days.

I was in musical bliss as the Sisters set up at Canterbury Music Studios literally just around the corner from our suites. Gary, Rob & Ian were on the floor and Kevin in one of the Iso-booths and they basically played the new tracks live off the floor with most being done in two takes with minimal overdubs.

One of the guest musicians to add his touch was Matt Brubeck, son of Dave Brubeck, composer of the legendary jazz number "Take Five". All I can say is he plays the cello like Kevin plays the guitar...enough said...

I managed to snap some not-so-good pics in the spare time and will add these tomorrow...sorry, I've never claimed to be a photographer...where's a bouche when you need one... ;)

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Guest Low Roller
1. radiohead.

2. whatever.


Throw in Neil Young and TOOL and you got yourself the making of a fine year...

Think that Guns 'n Roses will finally release an album this year?

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Well as many of you know my anticipated albums of 2006 will be

No foolin' ;)!

I do hope the Sisters make big waves this year, 'cause Lord knows they deserve to pull it down.

Ever wonder how many people, having seen them, want to keep the Sisters a secret, just so they can keep seeing them in the intimate surroundings of a place like the Orbit Room?

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