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Why MySpace is a Waste of Humanity


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Haha, thanks for the link. I was wondering about some of the same things mentioned in it, especially now since I decided to join up & expirence the new so called "cyber-phenomenon".

Not sure if I've found any useful purpose yet (for me anyway) outside of shameless self promotion, but time will tell I guess.

[color:red][edit to add]

Best line I've seen so far:

"I wish my lawn was emo, so it would cut itself."

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Yeah, the link is posted all in good fun. There are actually a couple myspace pages that I don't mind, some of them belonging to fellow jamband.ca'ers. But c'mon ... "I'm so goth I shit bats"? That's fucking funny.

I do hate that anytime I end up on a myspace page, that my mp3 player gets overtaken by whatever hellishly awful (often) music the page creator decided to subject me to.

4pm is waayy past my bedtime on a sunday. Anybody less sleepy/lazy have a link to that story about the kid getting expelled after coming out on myspace?

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I've gotta say that it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I checked out myspace because of a recent music event that I was at. I overheard several of the people that were either in the bands or putting on the show talking about myspace, spending hours there and blah blah blah...

So when I arrived home I checked out a couple of the sites of the groups that had showcased that night and I was really creeped out by the sugary-sweet niceness vibe that it seemed to have...still not sure of how to describe it but it was another reason why I prefer this type of forum where people can bitch, moan, groan, share interest & ideas, debate, argue and basically be themselves...very, very different from the pages I viewed at myspace and that's one space I won't be back to often... :crazy:

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