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Hey Jaimoe(HD content)...


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Question for you regarding High Definition....does CBC not show their games in HD?!?!? The biggest reason I got HD (and am paying an extra $20/month) was to watch mes Habitants in the playoffs?! But the games on CBC are on the HD channel but not in HD? Whats with that?!?!

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Get ready for some frustration. All season long, the CBC showed the 7:00 game EST in HD, but for some reason, the playoffs have been inconsistent. If you noticed in last night's Habs game, the HD kicked in during parts of the intermissions only.

Now, whether they were having problems with the HD feed or the Leafs are the only Canadian team that is HD consistent, well, we'll have to wait and see on that one.

I'm personally surprised and a little pissed that the CBC doesn't show all the games in HD. One of the reasons that they don't may be that traditionally (at least for last and this year), only national telecasts receive HD treatment - consistent with the Blue Jays and Raptors HD telecasts.

I'm anticipating HD action tonight for the Sens game. Sportsnet, the worst of the sports channels, is the best for HD. I have inside info regarding TSN. My friend who is a producer there, said they are upping their HD telecasts in a big way over the next few months and especially in September.

Overall though Punk, I can't go back to non-HD. And Deadwood Season III starts in June on TMN-HD!

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The Bolts/Sens game on Friday was broadcast in HD. It was my first chance to see HD TV, aside from some glimpses at Future Shop, and I was completely blown away. There is no other way to watch sports really.

With a HD Widescreen set up, you might actually get to see why Volchenkov is a good player!!! Altough he has been getting beat pretty good when he gets screentime defending in his own zone.

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