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mac help...burning bin cue files


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I inquired with a friend who has a mac and trades DVDs/VCDs etc, heres what he told me.

Toast will do this directly. Just drop the larger (in MB) of the two files onto Toast and it will load in the "image file" and be ready to burn it to disc.

I know nothing about macs, so I can't be of much help. Sorry.

Although, you could try to convert the bin/cue files to ISO then burn, I do that now with all DVDs I download ever since my burner stopped burning normal DVD files (VOB, BUP etc), as well avi and haven't yet had a coaster on my DVD player, as well no complaints from anyone I gave them to.

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Was it originally a DVD? Because, converting bin/cue files to burn on DVD does nothing for quality and if it was a VCD orginally, that could also be the problem.

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Well, there ya go.

I spoke a bit longer with my friend & he mentioned that toast titanium will do exactly what he mentioned (quoted in my previous post) and is about the fastest and easiest way to do it.

Like I said, I know nothing about macs, so all I can do is offer what I'm passed along.

I never come across bin/cue files anymore and when I do I use a mounting program from Daemon Tools to mount the image, usually they are files from games which I never burn to CD/DVD anyway, but occasionaly, I've seen a VCD with them.

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