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Willie Nelson in Hamilton


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Well, it was rather "sit down" this eve also...but man, was it good!!

First, I have to say...Dad, I finally get it buddy, I finally get what you went off about all my & your life. Damn, I wish you coulda been with me tonight...hopefully, you were in spirit. I missed ya tonight tons. (soulshine)

Willie, was absolutely fantastic. No other way to put it for me, I expected a great show, but was taken back by how much more I got!

Whiskey River opener, but from there things went every where and in such a great way/form, "How Time Slips Away > Crazy > Night Life"...did it for me though. Everything afterwards was equally as stellar (in my opinion). There so many songs I grew up hearing that I am still swimming in the nights music...its been many years since I attended a show that I paid so much attention to that I forgot about everything around me, the people, beer, herb etc. Willie is a master of country/blues on a classical guitar, no debate.

Some of the songs I recall off the top of my head. I did see & speak to TimmyB & his father at the end of the night, so a reliable set is no doubt to come.

Not in proper order here: (Willie's sister (I believe) played most,if not all of the night also)

Whiskey River

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

How Time Slips Away >

Crazy >

Night Life

Move it on over

Will The Circle be unbroken (Nitty Gritty Dirt band accompany, as well some beautiful blonde gal)

Uncloudy Sky (Nitty Gritty Dirt band accompany, as well some beautiful blonde gal)

Angel Flying too close to the ground

Pancho & Lefty (during encore..thank you thank you thank you Willie!)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band were fantastic, I'm really happy I caught their set, such good musicians.

Great to cross paths with so many skanks...FairySari, questcequecest?, Cully, Sheebs, NewRider, TimmyB and some other friends of equal stature.

I even ran into a biker friend of mine, who is pretty good friends with Mark Howard (producer) and he had told me a story at GD Ohio March 93 in a haze, about how himself & another friend had picked up rental Harley's in New Orleans & delivered them to/for Lanois & Dylan to use during the 'Oh Mercy' sessions, which I always sorta took lightly...but as it turns out, Dylan speaks of riding these very bikes in his book "Chronicles". Simply a great story, no idea of its relevance here, but a good name drop...

In the end, I wish Willie was playing in my town every weekend, because I could stand to be around these folks & friends much more often, such a good time.

Guess thats all I got right now....


Thanks Willie & happy birthday!

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Yeah, I heard it was his birthday and that the crowd sang to him. Very cool.

Can't wait for Toronto's show. I hope that he plays Angel Flying Close to the Ground again (Todd would love that!!)

By the way, did Brian Griffiths end up getting on stage with him? There had been a rumour of that floating around earlier in the week...

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