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Superstack are closing out the festival?!?!?! Shit, maybe I have to rethink about going. I was gonna do my own festival in my backyard featuring pre-recorded music from The Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, Drive-By Truckers, Wilco, Hank Williams Jr., and more...


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SHIT...i guess this means i am falling off the wagon...or getting thrown off, whichever comes first. i should probably start practicing for the late night saloon party...fuck practicing guitar, my liver and brain need a little reminder.

Should be fun. See ya there!!!!!

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"Western Hero" by NEIL YOUNG

Frontier town,

home of the western hero

Frontier justice,

dealt with the iron hand

He wore a long coat to the ground

He wore big boots that made a sound

He wore a six gun on his hip

But now he doesn't carry it

Sure enough,

he was a western hero

On the deck,

sighting an old Jap zero

And on the shores at Normandy

He fought for you,

he fought for me

Across the land and on the sea

But now he's just a memory

And in the distance,

the rocket's red glare

The bombs burst in the air

This time

we're never going back

Through the years

he changed somehow

He's different now

He's different now

Open fire,

here comes the western hero

Standing there,

big money in his hand

Sure enough,

he was a western hero,

Sure enough

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